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This week once again we worked on our skeletal system and muscular system. Since I didn’t cut out all the pieces that I needed for my skeleton I worked on that for a bit this week. some people also got to share their insect slideshows which was really cool to see and learn about the new insects. I really like how shane is helping us learn, she gives us a website and then we just have to do all the stuff that she put on the website. This week we also had to do a vocabulary list. this was really nice because we only had to copy and paste the definitions of each thing she told us to look up. This made it very easy for us to understand and I feel like I learned a lot from doing that. Thank you shane for everything you’ve done for us and we love you and we’re so grateful for you. This week I also start working on my chair again. I started working on painting the sun, I also decided to put a moon on the bottom part. I started painting the moon but I’ve only sketched out the sun. At first I was having a lot of struggles drawing out my sun. I kept making its eyes lopsided or its lips too big. Nothing was working out so I just waited a bit, I just took a deep breath and then I ended up drawing a good sun. that’s about all I did this week and I hope you enjoyed my blog post.

1.how long are we going to be working on our chairs

2.are we going to be doing more projects like the skeleton

3.are you doing ok you seem stressed ❤️



This week we started working on our eighth grade chairs! these chairs are a traditional thing that eighth grade makes. this year seventh and eighth are a conjoined class. This is really cool because we can also paint on it whatever we want. I am painting a picture of a sun that has been painted on the boat house at Pathfinder. this picture has been at Pathfinder for years and I thought it would mean a lot if I painted it on my chair. The process was quite hard and I mostly struggled on the sawing part to cut out the correct pieces and the drilling part. Our handyman Tom helped me a lot throughout this process and I really appreciate him. When we didn’t have anything to do like if our chairs were done or were waiting for a saw we would be cutting out pictures of a skeleton. Right now in class or working on the body. Shane is making us cut out the pictures of the bones and then we’re gonna glue them onto a piece of paper and labeling each bone and muscle. This week was really fun and I hope we can do more stuff like this soon.


1. what your favorite bone

2.is the funny vine real

3.is it true the tongue in the most strong muscle?

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the life of a bee 9/6/20

so when i first start off my day i wait of my lovely queen to lay her egg in the honey comb.  Then My friends and I will start to feed the new larva royal jelly, pollen, and honey!! My friends are called the nursers they always keep the baby’s well fed. Then i go to visit the drone bee. the drone bee is the only male in the hive! He mates with the queen then after he dies. Worker bees can lay drone eggs since the drone egg is an unfertilized egg. Drone eggs look very different from regular worker bees. Drone bees are distinctive in their appearance because they are larger with big eyes and are unable to sting unlike most bees. Only one drone is allowed in the hive at once because they don’t want to overwhelm the queen. They all stay outside and guard the hive. They will wait until they can go in and mate with the queen. Today was very scary because a HUGE murder hornet came to our hive and tried to eat our baby’s!!! we didn’t let them thought so we all attacked him at the same time and vibrated so much that we heated up so much that we burned him to death. I lost some of my friends today which was unfortunate but at the end of the day we arose victorious!

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4/12 first week of virtual school

This week was pretty hard. There was a lot of homework and it was kinda just hard to manage with also playing with my neighbor. There would be times where i would cry because i was just so stressed. Not just from the homework but from corona and just other stuff. each class we had like 3-5 assignments and it was pretty annoying to be honest. I know its not homework and its school but still i feel like this is harder than when were at school. We have about 2-3 classes a day and sometimes its hard to understand when to get on. Its really hard to not to see your friends everyday, especially when you have separation anxiety. I don’t know what else to talk about so i guess that it bye bye! 🙂



This week in science we worked on our gene project with our groups again Josie and I got a lot done with our slide and we’re almost done sadly Lucy could not join us because she was sick :(. We also did this thing where we made dragons. we had 2 penny’s and on one side it had a “R” and on the other is had “r”. the R’s represent the sperm and the egg. So we would flip the the penny’s and say you got “R” and “R” so that would mean it’s first trait(fire breathe) would be dominate so we would go down to the bottom of the paper and it would show what we would need to use for our dominate fire. But say if you got “r” and “r” that would mean the trait would be recessive so b then you would also look at the bottom and see what you would use for recessive. If you get “R” and “r” it would still be dominate. My friend Dylann and I got almost the same exact stuff for our dragons so me made them twins! That’s about all we did this week thank you for reading! 🙂

1) What is the universe made of?

2)Why do we dream?

that’s all i could think of


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2/2 blog

This week we didn’t do much. We had two days cancelled because of sicknesses. In science we didn’t start genetics yet really, but we got into our groups. I’m in a group with Josie and Lucy. So basically we choose something with genes. My group chose gene doping. Gene doping is when someone injects drugs into their body to make them perform better. Gene doping is bad but still cool it allows the athlete to go to their personal best, but at the same time it is very illegal.  So what we have to do is make pros and cons and just basically talk about it. My blog is going to be short this week because I didn’t do much because of the days gone.


  1. How does the drug make you perform better Image result for gene doping"
  2. Why is it illegal if its in some sports now


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Petri dishes 12/8

In science we did this pretty cool experiment. We all had petri dishes. A petri dish is a small round container with agar at the bottom. Once we got our dishes we drew a line so the bottom was in four quadrants.  we got in groups of three and four. I was placed in a group of three with Maddie and Andre. As a group we though of 12 things we would sample. Each of us would choose four. I chose my dads hair, my cats tongue,my pillow, and my kitchen drain. We labeled each section on the dish to one of the items. when we got home we would take these cotton swabs and lightly rub them on each object. After you rub them on the object you swipe the swab on the agar on the section that linked to the object. so when we get back to class we let them sit over night and then the next morning we see all the bacteria on them. the only one that had bacteria on mine was the kitchen drain. I hope you like my blog this week BYE! :).



I couldn’t ad a picture 🙁


Chicken pox 11/24

This week we did cool bacteria slides. I did mine about chicken pox. chicken pox has about 10 different symptoms, starting off with the red bumps then to vesicles witch are like really gross blisters. The vesicles then scab, and then after you get some spots in your mouth and get a high fever. Those are just some of the many symptoms. Chicken pox comes from a virus called vericella-zoster. Vericella-zoster is very contagious. It can spread by a cough or sneeze. How easy is that, its kinda scary how fast it can travel. Chicken pox has killed 105 people in a year and half of those(53 people) were kids. If you want to get rid of chicken pox then you could get the vericella vaccine. One does of vericella can kill 95% of this bacteria. So pretty much if you have 2 doses of vericella the bacteria will be gone. I hope you liked my blog for the week BYE! :).


Image result for chicken pox



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Bacteria 11/11

This week Shane introduced a new in class project that we are going to do. That is bacteria. Each one of us will choose a a Virus ,bacteria,diseases,etc from this list that Shane made. I chose chicken pox. If I’m being honest chicken pox is very crazy and gross and im so glad i have not gotten it yet(hopefully i will never get it). If you had chicken pox as a kid you will most likely not get it again. Even though you will not get chicken pox again your body is less immune to some other diseases.

1.Who was the first person to get chicken pox

2.why is it called chicken pox

Image result for chicken pox


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Poisoning plants 11/3

This week we did something really fun that I enjoyed a lot. That was poisoning radishes. We stared this project last week I forgot if I talked about in last weeks blog. So I was in a group with Savannah. What you have to do is look up allopathic plants. Allopathic Plants are poisonous but I’m pretty sure to only plants. Savannah and I Decided to do spotted knapweed. The next week (this week) we had to collect our plants. Lucky for Savannah and I spotted knapweed was ALL OVER our campus. Some of the other groups had to do different plants because there was none on our campus. After Savannah and I got back to the building all the cooking pots were taken so we has to do the next thing and that was the scavenger hunt. On the scavenger hunt there was some really fun questions but some were hard because you had to find flowers and it had already frosted so a lot of the flowers had died. Once one of the pots were free Savannah and I got back to the building again and we started making our poison. After we made it we had to pour it into the small jars, each jar had 5 seeds one was going to stay not poisoned and the other was going to be poisoned. after a few weeks the non poisoned one got black mold on it and the one that was poisoned shriveled up. That’s my blog for the week i hope you enjoyed.

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