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2/14 pear lab


This week  I mostly worked on my drug project. Let me go more in-depth, Shane came up with this project on drugs where we have to research a type of drug or addictive substance. for instance I did cocaine and… Continue Reading →


This week once again we worked on our skeletal system and muscular system. Since I didn’t cut out all the pieces that I needed for my skeleton I worked on that for a bit this week. some people also got… Continue Reading →


This week we started working on our eighth grade chairs! these chairs are a traditional thing that eighth grade makes. this year seventh and eighth are a conjoined class. This is really cool because we can also paint on it whatever we… Continue Reading →

the life of a bee 9/6/20

so when i first start off my day i wait of my lovely queen to lay her egg in the honey comb.  Then My friends and I will start to feed the new larva royal jelly, pollen, and honey!! My… Continue Reading →

4/12 first week of virtual school

This week was pretty hard. There was a lot of homework and it was kinda just hard to manage with also playing with my neighbor. There would be times where i would cry because i was just so stressed. Not… Continue Reading →


This week in science we worked on our gene project with our groups again Josie and I got a lot done with our slide and we’re almost done sadly Lucy could not join us because she was sick :(. We… Continue Reading →

2/2 blog

This week we didn’t do much. We had two days cancelled because of sicknesses. In science we didn’t start genetics yet really, but we got into our groups. I’m in a group with Josie and Lucy. So basically we choose… Continue Reading →

Petri dishes 12/8

In science we did this pretty cool experiment. We all had petri dishes. A petri dish is a small round container with agar at the bottom. Once we got our dishes we drew a line so the bottom was in… Continue Reading →

Chicken pox 11/24

This week we did cool bacteria slides. I did mine about chicken pox. chicken pox has about 10 different symptoms, starting off with the red bumps then to vesicles witch are like really gross blisters. The vesicles then scab, and… Continue Reading →

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