This week in science we worked on our gene project with our groups again Josie and I got a lot done with our slide and we’re almost done sadly Lucy could not join us because she was sick :(. We also did this thing where we made dragons. we had 2 penny’s and on one side it had a “R” and on the other is had “r”. the R’s represent the sperm and the egg. So we would flip the the penny’s and say you got “R” and “R” so that would mean it’s first trait(fire breathe) would be dominate so we would go down to the bottom of the paper and it would show what we would need to use for our dominate fire. But say if you got “r” and “r” that would mean the trait would be recessive so b then you would also look at the bottom and see what you would use for recessive. If you get “R” and “r” it would still be dominate. My friend Dylann and I got almost the same exact stuff for our dragons so me made them twins! That’s about all we did this week thank you for reading! 🙂

1) What is the universe made of?

2)Why do we dream?

that’s all i could think of


2/2 blog

This week we didn’t do much. We had two days cancelled because of sicknesses. In science we didn’t start genetics yet really, but we got into our groups. I’m in a group with Josie and Lucy. So basically we choose something with genes. My group chose gene doping. Gene doping is when someone injects drugs into their body to make them perform better. Gene doping is bad but still cool it allows the athlete to go to their personal best, but at the same time it is very illegal.  So what we have to do is make pros and cons and just basically talk about it. My blog is going to be short this week because I didn’t do much because of the days gone.


  1. How does the drug make you perform better Image result for gene doping"
  2. Why is it illegal if its in some sports now


Petri dishes 12/8

In science we did this pretty cool experiment. We all had petri dishes. A petri dish is a small round container with agar at the bottom. Once we got our dishes we drew a line so the bottom was in four quadrants.  we got in groups of three and four. I was placed in a group of three with Maddie and Andre. As a group we though of 12 things we would sample. Each of us would choose four. I chose my dads hair, my cats tongue,my pillow, and my kitchen drain. We labeled each section on the dish to one of the items. when we got home we would take these cotton swabs and lightly rub them on each object. After you rub them on the object you swipe the swab on the agar on the section that linked to the object. so when we get back to class we let them sit over night and then the next morning we see all the bacteria on them. the only one that had bacteria on mine was the kitchen drain. I hope you like my blog this week BYE! :).



I couldn’t ad a picture 🙁

Chicken pox 11/24

This week we did cool bacteria slides. I did mine about chicken pox. chicken pox has about 10 different symptoms, starting off with the red bumps then to vesicles witch are like really gross blisters. The vesicles then scab, and then after you get some spots in your mouth and get a high fever. Those are just some of the many symptoms. Chicken pox comes from a virus called vericella-zoster. Vericella-zoster is very contagious. It can spread by a cough or sneeze. How easy is that, its kinda scary how fast it can travel. Chicken pox has killed 105 people in a year and half of those(53 people) were kids. If you want to get rid of chicken pox then you could get the vericella vaccine. One does of vericella can kill 95% of this bacteria. So pretty much if you have 2 doses of vericella the bacteria will be gone. I hope you liked my blog for the week BYE! :).


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Bacteria 11/11

This week Shane introduced a new in class project that we are going to do. That is bacteria. Each one of us will choose a a Virus ,bacteria,diseases,etc from this list that Shane made. I chose chicken pox. If I’m being honest chicken pox is very crazy and gross and im so glad i have not gotten it yet(hopefully i will never get it). If you had chicken pox as a kid you will most likely not get it again. Even though you will not get chicken pox again your body is less immune to some other diseases.

1.Who was the first person to get chicken pox

2.why is it called chicken pox

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Poisoning plants 11/3

This week we did something really fun that I enjoyed a lot. That was poisoning radishes. We stared this project last week I forgot if I talked about in last weeks blog. So I was in a group with Savannah. What you have to do is look up allopathic plants. Allopathic Plants are poisonous but I’m pretty sure to only plants. Savannah and I Decided to do spotted knapweed. The next week (this week) we had to collect our plants. Lucky for Savannah and I spotted knapweed was ALL OVER our campus. Some of the other groups had to do different plants because there was none on our campus. After Savannah and I got back to the building all the cooking pots were taken so we has to do the next thing and that was the scavenger hunt. On the scavenger hunt there was some really fun questions but some were hard because you had to find flowers and it had already frosted so a lot of the flowers had died. Once one of the pots were free Savannah and I got back to the building again and we started making our poison. After we made it we had to pour it into the small jars, each jar had 5 seeds one was going to stay not poisoned and the other was going to be poisoned. after a few weeks the non poisoned one got black mold on it and the one that was poisoned shriveled up. That’s my blog for the week i hope you enjoyed.


This week was packed full dissection. First we dissected some flowers and it was really cool because i got to see all the reproductive parts of the flower (male and female). with the snap dragon flower I could see the ovary really well (the female part the stores the eggs). the whole female part of the flower is called the pistol and the whole male part of the flower is called the stamen. The longs tube in the middle of the flower is called the style and the style is a female part. On top of the style its sticky so when the bee comes along and drop some pollen(sperm) on its it will travel down into the ovary and fertilize the eggs. We also cut open some fruit and veggies and we wrote down what we saw I found this very interesting because i could see the seeds very well and its cool just to think the like a banana the peel is just to protect the seed so they can grow. Well that my blog for this week. Have a great day. 🙂


1. Why is the style called the style?

2. who figured out that the pollen was sperm?

3.How does the fruit and veggie know how to build that protective peel over the seeds?

Solar Cars!!! 9/29/19

This week we made solar cars! In the building process Shane put us into teams, I’m in a team with Josie and Maddie. How solar cars work is that the is a plank of wood and the back wheels have a gear in the center one canected to the motor and one canected to the wheels. the axle is hot glued to the top of the car. so when the sun hits the solar panel the motor goes so then the wheel spin and the car moves. Also this week we talk about this bread of mouse that is very interesting. The grasshopper Mouse. What makes them so cool is that they are immune to scorpion venom. But a certain type of centipede can kill them. I found this mouse very interesting and you should go look them up because they can do way more awesome stuff. Well that my blog for this week! Have a great day. 🙂



  1. why are the grasshopper mice called the grasshopper mouse.
  2. Who created the solar panel.
  3. is there a way to make a solar panel with out all the chemicals need to make them like a healthier component.



L.O.C 9/22/19

L.O.C was super fun even though I almost passed out, I will talk about that later.  So when I first got there I was a little scared because last L.O.C when I was sleeping I woke up in the middle of my sleep and there was a big wind storm that felt like the whole roof was going to fling off that’s how bad it was. After that thought got out of my head we were at the first game/obstacle.The first obstacle was one that had 3 boards and logs in the ground that you had to put the boards in and balance on. There were four slots and only 3 boards so that involved us to pick up these boards and move them at the last spot where we had to move to. Another thing we had to do is get the whole group of 11 kids I think across which doesn’t sound really hard BUT IT WAS, it was so hard but i’m happy we did it because I feel like we all got so much closer just by doing one activity. The next thing we did was do human Foosball which was probably one of my least favorites because people were getting mad at me for accidentally kicking sand when I kick the ball but it was still really fun. After we did that we had lunch I cant remember what it was but I remember it was pretty good. After that we went to the dunes and picked up glass because someone spilled it all over the beach so much of it its crazy. The person who picked up the most glass got 2 deserts. so walk super far to find glass me Andre,Alisha,and Sophia we ended up getting 30. we didn’t win though Caroline won she had like 57 I think. after glass we did a few more things. The night has come and I sleep fine at the beginning but I woke up AND THE SAME THING THAT HAPPENED LAST YEAR HAPPENED AGAIN. The next day we did the high ropes course and I was excited when I was climbing I was excited and ready but right when I got up I started balling my eyes out I was so scared that’s when I felt like I was going to pass out. I ended up after doing 2 not being scared at all and I ended doing every single one and I was soo proud of myself. That’s my blog for the week have a great day!